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Classes, Workshops & Presentations 2020


The Importance of our Pollinators  – Sponsored by the Old Homestead Garden Club, Swanzey, NH

Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 1:00pm at the First Congregational Church, 679 Old Homestead Hwy, Swanzey Ctr, NH 
Honey bees, mason bees, bumbles and native pollinators. Why are they so important and how do we bring them into our gardens. We'll offer an overview about honey bees, and Mason bees, as well as suggestions for attracting all kinds of pollinators to your garden. Plan now, for a beautiful partnership in the spring and throughout the warmer months.


Advanced Beekeeping – Summer-Long Series  –  Experienced Beekeepers

Sundays, May 10, June 14, July 12 & September 13 (no August) 9:00am to noon starting at Imagine That Honey, Swanzey, NH
Yes, Imagine That Honey sells bees, and we want the best possible stock in the area, but aren’t you sick of buying bees each year? Let’s make a plan and stick to it. We’ll be meeting once a month or as needed throughout the summer and into the fall. Each gathering is three hours long. We’ll visit your yard as well as others in the area, and you will be given the opportunity to go from struggling to confident and knowledgeable. We are not offering you the crystal ball, but will provide information on timing, and a better understanding about why there are variables, and how to best face them with a positive outcome. Where are you know, and where do you want to be? It is important to make all of the workshops, and they will be rescheduled due to weather. This is much like our Beginner Classes, only for beekeepers with a year or more experience. Some flexibility may be required. Charge for this workshop is $150/ three hours of instruction, for each of four sessions, or $50/session. You will receive one class for free if paid in full by the first class in May.

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Presentation: Beekeeping & Pollinators 

Our future depends on how we treat our environment. We are happy to talk with your group or organization regarding honey bees, our environment, planting suggestions for your gardens and yard, and can more. We are organic beekeepers, and have wintered over our bees with good success. We don't claim to know everything, but can share our experiences with you. Each presentation is customized with hands on activities and visits to the bee yards as time and weather permit. Cost: Travel $.55per mile to & from Swanzey, NH. Cost for this presentation is negotiable.

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