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Advanced Beekeeping Workshops  ~  Top Bar & Warre Hive Building

Using NUCs to Build Your Bee Yard  ~  Small Scale Queen Rearing

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Upcoming 2022 Classes, Workshops & Presentations

Beginner Beekeeping Classes - Usually meet the 2nd Saturday of the month. The last classes will take place September 10 from 9:00am - Noon. Please note – No class in August. These are hands-on seasonal classes: 10 - 15 students & bee-buddies +/-, You’ll gain: knowledge about equipment recommendation, demonstrations & encouragement, and so much more. This complete series of classes will help guide you through the steps necessary to begin, keep, and hopefully maintain healthy bees. Everyone participating in the course will receive introductory instruction and recommendations for starting your own apiary, and most importantly, hands-on experience. Even if you only take a class or two, you'll still be ahead of the game. However, we do encourage you to participate in as many as possible. It’s all about timing. $50/Class, or Prepay for all 6 Classes, for $250 (one class for free) & we encourage you to include a friend at no additional cost. They’ll be your bee buddy!

Advanced Beekeeping – Summer-Long Series – Experienced Beekeepers

Throughout the season according to interest. These classes take place in the early evening and take place on site in beekeeper apiary yards. They are three hours long. Next class TBD starting at 5:30pm in the ITH Home Yard - Topic: Summer Management & Varroa Controls & more...

Yes, Imagine That Honey sells bees, and we want the best possible stock in the area, but aren’t you sick of buying bees each year? Let’s make a plan and try to stick to it. Each gathering is three hours long and we may visit your yard as well as others in the area. You will be given the opportunity to go from struggling to confident and knowledgeable as COVID-19 allows. We are not offering you the crystal ball, but will provide information on timing, and a better understanding about why there are variables, and how to best face them with a positive outcome. Where are you know, and where do you want to be? You will find each monthly gathering beneficial. These classes will be rescheduled due to weather if necessary. This is much like our Beginner Classes, only for beekeepers with a year or more experience who are ready to take the next steps. Charge is $50/session.

Slovenian Beekeping Tour & Open House, July 30th 10am to 4pm. Several yards will be available to visit in and around the Monadnock Region. ITH will not be participating this year, but we encourage you to attend.

Slovenian Beekeeping and Beekeeping Tours was started in 2014, offering unique beekeeping tours to Slovenia two times a year.  In addition, we are one of the only sellers based in the United States to sell genuine Slovenian beehives made in Slovenia and also sell a wide range of Slovenian beekeeping products and accessories.  They teach instructional classes and host beekeeping consultations and seminars.  Their Harrisville, NH-based retail store showcases our own honey as well as Slovenian specialty and novelty products. For more information go to  

Slovenian Beekeeping and Beekeeping Tours, 321 Chesham Rd., Harrisville, NH 03450, (603) 499-3730 

or email at


Additional presentations as requested:


Beekeeping & Our Love of Pollinators 

Our future depends on how we treat our environment. We are happy to talk with your group or organization regarding honey bees, our environment, planting suggestions for your gardens and yard, and can more. We are organic beekeepers, and have wintered over our bees with good success. We don't claim to know everything, but can share our experiences with you. Each presentation is customized with hands on activities and visits to the bee yards as time and weather permit. Cost: Travel $.575per mile to & from Swanzey, NH. Cost for this presentation is negotiable.

Empowering our Pollinators – Working together for the greater good.

Join us as we discuss ways to encourage pollinators to visit our greenways. These beauties are more than just honeybees. There are butterflies, birds, and so many other creatures helping us grow fruits and vegetables and allowing us to observe the magnitude of their hard work. Let’s talk about what can we do to help and empower this vital network. We can help add nutrients to the soil, offer attractive housing, and hopefully make good choices when planning our gardens and landscapes. Perhaps Mason Bees are your link to the pollinator world. We’ll show you inexpensive ways to get started and view these amazing bees first-hand from March thru June. Native pollinators are all around us. Let’s keep them here by reducing pesticide use and using alternative more environmentally friendly practices.

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Pollinator Week

Suggested Plantings

Pollinator Card

Honeybees are Amazing Pollinators – Helping our overachievers.

You must think we’re CRAZY to find joy and a Zen-like feeling when working our bees. The first step to becoming a better beekeeper is to learn the vocabulary, next find someone with a passion and love of bees. Sharing the process with a bee buddy, and mentor will build your confidence and help you gain knowledge to relax and learn to anticipate the needs of the bees as you continue on your journey. We’ve kept bees for over 20 years and still learn something incredible with each new day. We’ll talk about the benefits of honeybees, why they are relied upon to pollinate crops such as almonds, strawberries and so much more. Let’s talk about nutrition. Think about what you ate today. Much of what you ate was probably touched by a pollinator. We’re here to help you gain a better perspective about these amazing creatures.