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Northeast Honey Bee Sanctuary

Old Bennington Road, Greenfield, NH

Our goal is to create an environment conducive to honey bees and other pollinator livelihood, health, and prosperity.

Mission Statement

NEHBS provides a healthy environment for honey bees and pollinators to thrive while helping to educate our community. Gardens will be planted and practices maintained to attract pollinators throughout the growing season. Workshops have been offered by the Peterborough Area Beekeepers' Guild since the Summer of 2015. We strive to make this a place to escape to, to have beauty, and to become more connected with nature and the world around us.

Please respond if you are interested in volunteering or offering your expertise on pollinators and more.  We're open to suggestions and look forward to offering a special place for all.

Mailing Address

c/o Imagine That Honey
283 Matthews Road

Swanzey, NH 03446
Phone: (603) 381-1717

Contact us to learn more!
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