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Good for you, your community, and our future…

​​ITH has been providing instruction for years. Classes are offered to small groups or by private instruction as time permits. These are both hands-on and most activities take place outdoors, weather-permitting. Let us know what you would like to learn more about, and we’ll design a visit just for you. Cost is $50/hour, locally (less than 15 minutes from home location), longer distances visit pricing is determined by travel time. These can range from $50/hour and up. Cost for this service may be negotiable.

Bee Sitting  -  Hive Care Services

Want bees, but don't have the time necessary to tend them? Heading on vacation, or no time to care for your bees? We can help. We have a list of services available. We know how busy life can get, and sometimes there just isn't enough time to fit it all in. Please email or call us for details.

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