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NHBA's 2016 Beekeeper of the Year

From the NH Beekeeper's Association Website...

Congratulations Jodi Turner - NHBA's Beekeeper of the Year. Jodi's contributions to the beekeeping community can be felt across state lines and in all she does. A great educator, advocate and great person all around!

About the Award

(Shown here with NHBA VP Allen Lindahl)


To give recognition to the outstanding beekeeper who has made a significant contribution to beekeeping in New Hampshire; a person who sets high standards and who is looked upon as a resource of beekeeping knowledge.


  1. Must have kept honeybees for at least 5 years and an active participant of the N.H. Beekeepers Association for the same time.

  2. Can only receive the award once.

  3. Should show evidence of willingness to share information with other beekeepers as well as being a creative beekeeper.

  4. Evidence of participation in public service relating to beekeeping (ie: schools, fairs, service clubs, beginning beekeepers, removal of swarms, etc.)

  5. Must have a good working knowledge of “all aspects of beekeeping including diseases, mites, State laws, management, etc. Evidence of this would include

  6. Must be in compliance with State registration honey production and related beekeeping items as provided by State Laws and regulations.

  7. Should show evidence of marketing honey or related items.

To learn more about  the NHBA go here

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