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We all started our journey by asking how do I get started? If you're lucky you'll know a beekeeper, but if you don't, now what? Start reading. Watch videos, but know that there are a LOT of beginner experts out there. We all love bees, but find someone who really knows the life of bees. We can't encourage you enough to try to take as many classes and workshops as you can. You don't have to take our classes. Find something that works for you. This really is a journey. So remember that it may look simple, but there are a lot of variables. What you put into your new hobby will offer you rewards. It's not all about honey, although tasting your first honey is amazing. You will learn to relax, take it all in, and spend many happy hours with bee geeks, a queen, workers & drones. Take ever opportunity to visit other beekeepers yards and hives. Make the most of it. Stick with it. Remember to give yourself five years, and that just getting started...

Enjoy every moment, ask questions & live a life of joy!

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