In My Backyard

The "In My Backyard" show began as a showcase for activities related to bugs, bees, gardening, agriculture, and nature in and around the Monadnock Region. Today we have completed over 150 shows that also include topics on community activities, and local history. Our plan is to continue to offer a variety of topics. Many of our shows can be found on YouTube. 

Swanzey Then & Now, and Swanzey Now

Saving and talking about our local history is so important to us all. When we're younger, we're so busy that we don't have much time to think outside the moment, but as we age we tend to reflect more and that's what this show is all about. Learning about our past, living in that moment, and looking to the future generations. Feel free to watch this on TV or on YouTube. Please check the schedule for TV viewing at  Love Life & Live Well!

Where to Find the Shows

View "In My Backyard" and "Back to Basics" on Channel 1301 if you have cable access in Keene, or Swanzey, NH. The shows can also be live streamed at! Don't be surprised to see a few special shows, as there are a few topics that just can't fit into our half hour time-frame. Email us at for more information.

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