Queen Orders

Queens are available now through the end of August. There will be no pick-ups from August 13-20th. Please plan ahead and let us know if you would like to purchase a queen or two.

You may contact us or text if you have questions 603-381-1717.

Dean & Jodi Turner

283 Matthews Road

Swanzey, NH 03446

Please remember to order your bees in December or early January for best availability. ITH produces  NUCs from our wintered-over stock: Mostly Russian/ Carniolan open mated. These orders are limited. Your order will be accepted as received, and you will be notified of availability in April/ May. No deposit is required, as these NUCs will only be sold as they become available. Limit 2/person.
All packages must be picked up ASAP, once you have been informed of the delivery date. Please make alternative arrangement, and have a back up plan if you are not available to pick up your package at that time. ITH can hive your bees, however there will be an additional charge for frames, food, and cardboard NUC box.
While we do have bear fences on our yards, there is always that chance of some unforeseen visitors. There is more flexibility on NUCs, however once you have been given the date and time for pick-up, we'd appreciate having you pick up your box of bees, and get them home to get started. 
Honeybees always do best on drawn frames, with food stores, and in the right sized box. Please make sure your bees are cared for and positioned to thrive in the upcoming season.
Contact us with any questions!